Service and calibration



Metrology is the field, which significantly affects the quality of production and services. MICRONIX provides calibration of measuring instruments and standards in the calibration laboratory with a direct link of standards to Czech Metrology Institute (CMI) under the Metrology Act. We perform the calibration in our own air-conditioned laboratory.


We offer:

  • Re-calibration of measuring instruments
  • Labeling instruments with the date of calibration, the calibration certificate number, eventually expiry date of calibration specified by the customer in writing according to your internal calibration rules (no need for further labels with expiry time, another label? ..)
  • Warranty and after warranty repair followed with calibration (especially instruments from our assortment). Damaged parts in our instruments are replaced by original parts from its producer. The same way, fuses are also replaced by genuine ones, which significantly reduce the possibility of damaging instruments with unexpected short-circuit.
  • Determining if instruments after the calibration complies with parameters given by customers.
  • Providing calibration also outside of scope of our activities in our own laboratory with external eventually accredited supplier.
  • Counseling in metrology and equipment selection
  • Loyalty discount 5% after 10 calibrations.


Range of calibration:

Direct voltage (VDC)  0 V ~ 1000 V
Alternating voltage (VAC) 0,1 mV ~ 1000 V
Direct current (IDC) 10 µA ~ 10 A ~ 30 A ~ 500 A
Alternating current (IAC) 10 µA ~ 10 A ~ 30 A ~ 500 A
Resistance (R-2W, R-4W) 0,1 Ω ~ 100 GΩ
Alternating power 9 W ~ 10 kW
Capacitance  1 nF ~ 10 µF
Leakage current 0,1 mA ~ 30 mA
Residual current devices - current 3 mA ~ 3 A
Residual current devices  - time 10 ms ~ 5 s
LOOP and LINE impedance 25 mΩ ~ 1,8 kΩ
Earth resistance 0,1 Ω ~ 10 kΩ
Insulation resistance 10 kΩ ~ 100 GΩ


Types of calibrated gauges:

  • analog and digital voltmeters, ammeters, clamp ampermeters and multimeters
  • laboratory power sources and small voltage and current calibrators
  • resistance meter and resistance decade
  • wattmeter digital or analog
  • multifunction installation testers
  • portable appliance testers
  • insulation meters
  • earth resistance meters
  • Residual current devices (RCD) testers
  • Line and loop impedance testers
  • Leakage current testers
  • Temperature-electrical calibration of multimetrs input for thermocouple
  • K -200°C up to 1000°C
  • Temperature-electrical calibration of temperature sensors PT 385 and 392 -200°C up to 645°C


Devices for calibration can be sent to company address. Please include a letter with information of your calibration requests.

If you need an accredited calibration certificate (via ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005), please tell us about your needs!


Calibration supervisor:  Ing. Pavel Řežábek Tel. 225 282 734
Measurement equipment department Tel. 225 282 703
  Fax. 225 282 724


MICRONIX, spol. s r.o, Antala Staška 33a, 140 00 Praha 4